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经验 & 户外教育

At Southpointe, we understand that a holistic education takes place beyond the walls of a classroom. Only a short drive from Vancouver, we are located in Tsawwassen, BC, known for its community atmosphere and beachside living, which is commonly integrated into our student curriculum through beach cleanups, wildlife and environmental advocacy, and collaborations with local businesses. 经验 and outdoor education opportunities through programs such as 项目发现, 爱丁堡公爵, and national and international travel, present students with a broader understanding of the world where intercultural competencies and 技能 are strengthened.


Students have the ability to take action, be responsible for their learning, and seek to make a difference in the world. Throughout the year, students in all grades are encouraged to find ways to demonstrate kindness, give back to the community, and take on leadership roles within the school. 

在每个部门, 领导 Councils collaborate to promote awareness campaigns and highlight school spirit through programs such as our Island Teams. IB culminating projects engage students to identify, investigate through community research, and offer solutions to real-world issues.


项目发现 is our experiential outdoor education program that takes students on a range of activities from camping, 徒步旅行, 划独木舟, 生态学研究, marine studies and more! All students in Grades 4 through 12 participate in 项目发现, where they develop a broader understanding of the world around them while gaining an appreciation for British Columbia’s spectacular natural surroundings.


  • 挑战: Our program pushes students to challenge their perceived limits – be they physical, 精神上或情感上的.

  • 连接: Each trip is fashioned to mirror classroom learning objectives, meeting provincially determined learning outcomes while presenting an opportunity to connect with the natural environment.

  • 增长: Students have a chance to discover and refine their own strengths and goals. Our program is designed to impart technical outdoor 技能 that are developed and built upon through a gradual learning progression. It emphasizes and grows life 技能: meal planning and cooking, healthy living habits, 决策, 解决问题, personal responsibility, and peer collaboration.

爱丁堡公爵 Award

The 爱丁堡公爵 Award is an internationally recognized award system acknowledging youths’ ability to be active, 涉及到, and successful citizens. Students aged 14 and above set and achieve personal goals for community service, 技能, 健身, and adventure and complete activities in four different categories: Adventurous Journey, 服务, 技能, and Physical Recreation, at each achievement level.

The 爱丁堡公爵 program is managed by Daniel Dupont, our 户外教育 Coordinator, 曼迪·阿尔维斯, 中学 Teacher. 

Travel Opportunities

Through our Programme of Global Engagement and 服务学习, travel opportunities are available each year for students to learn about different parts of Canada and other countries on International trips. These trips offer a wonderful set of experiences to help our students develop their perspective and intercultural competencies and to engage in authentic learning in new contexts. IB Continuum schools share a common philosophy – a commitment to high-quality, 具有挑战性的, international education. Opportunities such as these encourage students to make connections between their studies and the global world.




Experience Southpointe’s world leading K-12 IB education. Learn more about our school & applying by joining us for a Tour or 开放的房子! 点击此处了解更多.

俱乐部 & 课外学习

Our co-curricular programs offer students enhanced opportunities to gain leadership, communication & collaboration 技能 while exploring an array of interests. 点击此处了解更多.


In addition to Physical & Health Education curriculum, student-athletes in Grades 3-12 participate in over 55 Titan Athletic teams, from basketball to track & 场. 点击此处了解更多.